About SiriusCon

In 2015, Obeo with the help of the Eclipse Foundation organized the 1st SiriusCon edition. This one-day free event is the perfect time for the Sirius community to meet and to share with the developer team behind this innovative technology.

SiriusCon 2015 was a great success! Thanks everyone for your energy and your continued support since the launch of the Eclipse Sirius project in 2013.

Let’s meet now at SiriusCon 2016.

Advanced features presentations, examples of Sirius uses, tutorials, a Sirius Clinic where you can get feedback on your projects or solve any Sirius related issue you face… do not miss this new edition! Although it’s free, book early as the number of places is limited!

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This one-day free event will propose two tracks for both beginners and advanced Sirius users who will share best practices, insights, case studies, and innovations. By joining this community event, you will definitely learn a lot about Sirius!

Room 1 - Louvre Palais RoyalRoom 2 - Concorde InvalidesHall
9h00 - 9h30

Welcome Reception

9h30 - 10h00

Welcome Speech

Stéphane Lacrampe, Obeo
Etienne Juliot, Obeo

10h05 - 10h35

Constraint Graph: Graphical Modeling of Physical Equation Systems

Lars Geyer-Blaumeiser, ETAS - Bosch

Safr@n: Combining Several DSLs to Analyze, Design and Generate Normalized Applications

Didier Féret, French Ministry of Defense
Arnaud Le Griel , French Ministry of Defense

Hands-On Clinic

10h40 - 11h10

Functional Modelling Tool for the Avionics Domain

Ståle Walderhaug, SINTEF

EIP Designer: Filling the Gap Between Enterprise Architecture and Software Dev

Laurent Broudoux, MMA Insurance - Covéa

11h10 - 11h40


11h40 - 12h10

Experimenting the Open Source MBSE Solution Capella: the Industrials' Viewpoint

Christophe Boudjennah, Obeo

Sirius Viewpoints and Software Modernization

Stéphane Barbey, Paranor

12h15 - 12h45

Breathe Life into your Designer!

Jérôme Lenoir, Thales
Mélanie Bats, Obeo

eWORMS, the Eclipse WORkflow Management System for Flight Physicists at Airbus

Alexandra Boeuf, Airbus

12h45 - 14h00


14h00 - 14h50

Sirius Roadmap

Cédric Brun, Obeo

14h55 - 15h25

Tip & Tricks: How to Make Robust and Scalable Modeling Workbenches

Maxime Porhel, Obeo

Sirius Tutorial

Frédéric Madiot, Obeo

Hands-On Clinic

15h30 - 16h00

Collaborative Modeling with Sirius: from Model Fragments to Shared-Repository

Pierre-Charles David, Obeo

16h00 - 16h30


16h30 - 17h00

EMF-IncQuery: Blazing Fast Reaction Times Even for Very Large Diagrams

Ákos Horváth, IncQuery Labs

17h05 - 17h35

All the Little Things That Make Your Graphical Tool Shine (or not)

Loredana Chituc, Obeo

17h40 - 18h00

Closing Session

Etienne Juliot, Obeo

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