About SiriusCon

Each of the third SiriusCon editions confirmed that Eclipse Sirius is a powerful technology
and that the Eclipse Sirius community is enthusiastic about it.

During this free event, organized by Obeo with the support of the Eclipse Foundation,
attendees benefited from from users feedback, advanced features presentations, and demonstrations.

But this year we want to go further.

As you know, we are working on moving Sirius and modeling tools based on it to the web.

Indeed, Sirius reflects its community:
it’s a worldwide solution used all over the world without no border whatever real of ficts.

SiriusCon 2018 follows the wave and is going live!
SiriusCon 2018 will keep the same spirit between friendship and exclusive content from the Sirius expert team.

But this year, during two half-days (to overcome the inevitable time difference constraint),
attendees will enjoy SiriusCon directly from their laptop.

No need to travel, no need to negotiate a whole no work-day with your manager,
Just sit down and enjoy!

Save the date: 4th and 5th of December!
And stay tuned to register for SiriusCon soon

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What is Sirius

Eclipse Sirius is an Open Source framework to easily and quickly create a graphical modeling workbench dedicated to your domain specific language.

Dedicated to your area of expertise and supporting your design concepts, it allows you to graphically design complex systems (IT software, business activities, physics, etc.) while keeping the corresponding data consistent (architecture, component properties, etc.).

A modeling workbench created with Sirius comprises a set of Eclipse editors (diagrams, tables and trees) that allow you to create, edit and visualize EMF models.

Since Sirius 6.0, we are working on moving Sirius to the web.
Therefore the graphical modelers based on Sirius will be soon cloud applications!

2017 SiriusCon Key Figures